Loc knots/coils

STEP-BY-STEP LOC KNOTS/COILS  by Juanice Crenshaw-Moses

Juanice Crenshaw-Moses with loc knots/coils

I’ve been natural since 2003 and loc’d almost eight of those nine years.  For me, locs were ALWAYS the ultimate goal and I knew I wanted them from the very beginning!  However, I was excited about the new journey and wanted to experience and experiment with my loose natural hair first.  I had mad fun with my TWA, twists, twistouts and countless other loose styles, but in April of 2004 I was ready…. saw a locitician and had my comb coils installed to start my loc journey. ^_^

Basically loc knots (some say loc coils) recreate the look of pipecleaner curls without the pipe cleaners!  This style is a two-fer, meaning you can wear the loc knots for as long as you want (I’ve worn them as long as a week!) before taking them down to release the curls.

1.) Shampoo/condition locs.  If not planning to shampoo, please have a spray bottle filled with water handy because dry twisting is a big NO-NO and also the hair needs to be at least damp to set the curl.  For even longer lasting curls you can spray a setting lotion of your choice throughout your hair before you start… which is what I did (optional).


Locs after fresh shampoo


2.) If you are retwisting (I only retwisted my front hairline because I’m semi-freeforming), you can retwist & do the loc knots at the same time:

  • Start with two locs that are side-by-side and retwist them.
  • Then twist those two locs together like a 2-strand twist, in the same direction as the retwist, until you reach the end of the loc.  With a finger from your free hand, form a loop, then fold loc upwards, about almost half of the length, toward your roots.  Note that when you start folding the twisted loc upwards, it will naturally start to twist onto itself.
  • Next step is to wrap the excess length of the loc down around itself.  Wrap downwards until you reach the loop that you formed.
  • Lastly, use your finger to put the end of the loc through the loop.  Use a small rubberband on the ends of the loc knots for additional security (optional but recommended so the knots won’t come loose due to uneven loc lengths).
  • IMPORTANT:  Sit under a dryer (ARGH) or air dry hair COMPLETELY before taking down the knots.
Juanice, loc knots front and back

Loc knots front and back


  • If you’re a visual person and would like to see a tutorial of how this style is achieved, search “loc knots” on YouTube.  A few YTbers have done how-to vids for the style – I personally followed Chescalocs method and even used her as a point of reference when putting this info together.
  • Results may differ from mine depending on length but works on short, medium & long locs.
  • You also can do this style with a single loc for each knot; instructions are the same except you’re using one loc per loc knot instead of two.
  • I like the look of ‘older’ curls.  My results pic reflects curls that are a week old, weren’t tied down or covered at night and were spritzed every other day with a mixture of water & essential oils (I used distilled water, peppermint/rosemary oils & JBCO).

Curls as a result of Loc knots

I absolutely love this style because sometimes I really miss my shorter locs and this allows me to rock my locs short and sassy before taking the knots down to showcase the lovely curls.  You absolutely can’t beat a 2-for-1 hairstyle!!  ENJOY!


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